Dedicated To All Veterans
Song Title: Hero In My Eyes
Artist: Kate Carpenter
6:20 Minutes



Tribute To Veterans


I'm A Veteran And I Really Don't Think You Need To Demonstrate Any Kind Of Honor In The Terms Of Physical Or Financial Action To Honor Our Country. Just Consider That Over The Years Millions Of Men And Women Have Stood Up And Said I Love This Country So Much I'm Willing To Give Everything I Have Just To Ensure It's Survival.

With That Said, All I Would Like Other Americans To Do Is To Make The Best Of Everything They Have And Put Forth The Effort To Ensure This Country "The United States Of America" Remains The Light Of The World Which It Has Been For The Past 200 Plus Years. The "United States Is The Best Place To Live Without Reservation.

To Truly Honor Our Country All I Would Ask Anyone To Do Is Make The Best Of The "Opportunity" And The "Sacrifices" That Our Fighting Men And Women Have Provided.

Love Your Country With Passion And Do What You Can To Make It "A Better Place".

Quote: Former Corporal Howard Kopelic "United States Marine Corps" IN GOD WE TRUST

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