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Stylebox Tutorial For Your Incredimail Program

I Recently Had Some Customers Send Me E-Mails Asking Me Why I Make My Left Border Incredimail Stationery So Large. That They Had Little Room To Type Their Message, In The New Message Box. So I Decided To Make This Tutorial To Help Them With Incredimail's "New Message Style Box" Most People Already Know This, But This Tutorial Is For The Ones Who Do Not Know. I Know That Sometimes Programs Can Be Frustrating When They Don't Work Like You Want Them To, I Have "Been There Done That" In 5 Easy Steps You Can Enjoy Incredimail's Just Follow The Instructions Below And View The Screen Shots.

Step 1.=When You Open Incredimail Make Sure It Is "Maximized" To The Full View, See Screen Shot Below.


Step 2.=Open The New Message Style Box See Screen Shot Below.


Step.3=When The New message Style Box Is Opened And Looks Like The Screen Shot Below, You Can See There Is Not Enough Room To Write Your Letter, See Large Red Double Pointed Arrow. You Have To "Maximize" The New Message Box Also. See Little Red Arrow Top Right In Screen Shot Below.


Step.4=Once The New Message Style Box Is "Maximized" It will Look Like The Screen Shot Below. To Enlarge The Letter To The Full Letter Size, Click On The Tab On The Left Side Of The Style Box. See The Red Arrow In The Top Left Of The Screen Shot Below.


Step.5=Now You Have The Full Size Of The Letter With Plenty Of Room For Typing Your Message. You Should use This For Viewing Your Letters That Are Sent To You From Your Friends Also. This Way You Can Appreciate The Full Letter Size. And The "Beautiful Appearance" Of The Hard Work Of All The Incredimail Stationery Creators.


I Hope This Helps Those Who Did Not Know! "God Bless" "Semper Fidelis" "Never Forget Our Veterans And Our Active Troops"
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