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Signature tags or sig tags are
small digital images that are used
to accompany an HTML-formatted
Email or Internet forum post.
They are also often used on social
networking pages.
They are used as a mark of
recognition or individualism,
or to convey emotion, sentiment,
or sometimes support for
the illustrated concept.
Sig tags are often personalized
with the user's name by
manipulation in a graphics
software package. Sig tags are
particularly popular with teenage
computer users, and those who
are socially active online.
A sig tag is generally used below
or at the end of a message,
in contrast to an avatar,
which is generally used next to
the name of the poster on a forum.

Select The Signature You Want.
Enter The Name Of Signature Tag.
Enter Your Name To Put On Tag.
Click On Add To Cart..


When You Click On Add To Cart
This Will Come Up.


If you Do Not Enter The Correct
Name Of The Tag I Will Not Be Able
To Find The Tag You Want
See Screen Shot Below.


If You Want To Order A Second
Or Third Tag Click On The
Coninue Shopping It Will Take You
Back To The Site, Where You Can
Select Another Tag.
Just Follow The Same Steps
All Over Again
When you Are Finished
Ordering Signature Tags Click On
The PayPal Checkout Button
Or Click On Check Out.
See Screen Shot Below.


You Don't Have to Be A PayPal
Member To Place An Order.
See Screen Shot Below.


When I Receive Your Order
I Will Email Your Custom Tag
To The Email Address You Submit
To Pay Pal. Make Sure It Is A Valid
Email. It Will Be In A Zip File.
Sent As A File Attachment.
Save To A Folder Of Your Choice.
To Be Sure You will Receive It
Add howard991@comcast.net
To Your Safe Senders List.
Also Please Let Me Know If
You Receive The Signature.
It's The Only Way I Will Know.


Right Click on The Zipped File
And Select "Extract All"
Save It To A Folder Of Your Choice
You Can Create A New Folder
And Call It Signature Tags
This way You Know Where It Is.

Extract All Image

All Signature Tags Are On A White
Background. They Can Be Used
As Headers Or Signatures In Any
E-Mail Program And Also On
Websites, Message Boards,
Forums, Facebook Comments Or
Anywhere On The Internet Where
Images Can Be Displayed.

To Post A Signature In A Comment
On Face Book. Go To The Post
And Click The gif On The Right
Side Of The Text Box.
Go To The Folder Where You
Saved The Signature Tag And
Attach It To Your Post.
Type Your Message Above.
Press The Enter Key On
Your Keyboard To Post.


Your Comment Post Will Look
Like This.


If You Have Any Problems Please Feel Free To Contact Me.
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